"Your body is the first thing any child of man ever wanted. Therefore dispose yourself to be loved, to be wanted, to be available. Be there for them with a vengeance. Be a gracious, bending woman. Incline your ear, your heart, your hands to them.... To be a Mother is to be the sacrament - the effective symbol - of place. Mothers do not make homes, they are our home." from Bed and Board, Robert Farrar Capon

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No More Work

It may not be very spiritual but this gave me a good laugh when a friend passed it on to me. (Thank you Shannon :) I sure spend a lot of energy "not working." What a grand adventure our lives are!


  1. Reminds me of a quote I saw recently: Don't you love those 12 seconds when the laundry is all done? :-p

    Never a dull moment! God has blessed us indeed with full lives!

  2. Don't miss the music playing on the far right and the phone ringing on the left.
    But hey, at least she unplugged the iron and got the cord out of baby's reach. Maybe.

    (And Shannon should know. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away she had those perfectly arranged flowers on her single-woman-teacher's desk, but then, she quit working, and got married and had nine kids, and it's been a real picnic ever since... )

  3. Okay, duh. So the music is on the left, and the phone is on the right...
    That's what happens when you try to write a comment while making breakfast, folding clothes, and telling kids to be quiet for ONE MINUTE while you look at a funny cartoon...

  4. Thanks Mary. I really like that. Brings back memories of when our house looked like that. And we lived to tell about it!

  5. I miss seeing new posts here. I hope all is well!

    1. Dear Mrs. White, Thank you for thinking of us. Yes, all is well. We are all very blessed, and consumed with taking care of our homes, families, church family, etc. Maybe we will get some new posts up; you never know! (Smiles)

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