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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

USA Pans

A few of my friends told me about the USA pan about a year ago and I'm so glad they did!
These pans are made with aluminized steel and have a thin coating of silicone on top.
You never use cooking spray and hardly anything sticks to them.

Just turn the pan over and the baked good usually just slides right out. I made cupcakes in my USA muffin pan without muffin liners and not one of them stuck and all I had to do was wipe a few crumbs out of the pan afterwards.  (The photos below are of the pan before washing it.)

I don't have a picture of any of my bread loaves but I have the one pound and two pound loaf pans
(one of my friends very generously got me two for a present last year ;) and I use them all the time.
No sticking, and hardly any clean up. (On the pans, that is... the counter top and floor are another matter.)

So if you want to invest in something that will make your baking life a whole lot easier 
(and they are an investment, somewhere around $20 a pan) these would be worth considering.  
Or just hint to someone to get you a couple for your next birthday!

Okay, so I bake a lot.


  1. Ok Leah, I can read a gentle hint. Which pan do you want for your upcoming birthday in a few days? I sure like the USA pans that I have. :)

    1. Little ol' me? Dropping a hint about my birthday in four days? Noooooooo... But since you're asking... :P

      No, no. I didn't say it in the post but you were the one that gave me those first two USA pans in the beginning. So you're off the hook. This time. ;D

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Those "dirty" muffin pans pretty much sum up their awesomeness! I'll have to put these on my wishlist!

    Oh- and Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Worth Every Penny! I heartily agree :) - Funny ... I was thinking of doing a post on the pans...glad you beat me to it.... your posts are so very well done :)
    Happy Coming up BDAY :) maybe you should do a post on all the pans you do have so onlooking friends would no which ones happen to be missing in your collection ;P

  4. I love mine! I just included comments on these pans on my latest blog post for bagels. Maybe I should get you the bagel one :-)

  5. These are on my Amazon list definitely!

  6. Thank you for the birthday blessings and the generous offers. I love the way you ladies think!

    (Now I know not to tell girls like you when my birthday is. You're all just too generous! So I'll say it here and now. No one here is allowed to buy me a birthday present, ya hear?! And no I'm not being unselfish, I just don't want you to tell me when your birthdays are either. Hehe! ;D)

  7. Thanks, ladies for your recommendations of these pans! I received two last week as gifts! My collection has begun.

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEAH!!! :-p
    I am very thankful for you, and so glad to have your family as friends.

  8. I have these cookie sheets and never even thought of telling anyone about them. Selfish old me! Glad you did, Leah. Didn't know they had muffin pans also.

  9. Ditto. They're awesome. I have a cookie sheet and a 9 x 13. I'd been thinking about investing in/ asking for the muffin tins and ditching the rest of mine, but I wanted to check what the non-stick coating was. Thanks for the post.