"Your body is the first thing any child of man ever wanted. Therefore dispose yourself to be loved, to be wanted, to be available. Be there for them with a vengeance. Be a gracious, bending woman. Incline your ear, your heart, your hands to them.... To be a Mother is to be the sacrament - the effective symbol - of place. Mothers do not make homes, they are our home." from Bed and Board, Robert Farrar Capon

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Bold Assertion for the Day

Stress and strife and un-forgiveness are worse for your body and your home than food not made from scratch.

So while I'm on a roll learning how to create a more healthy lifestyle for my husband and children, there's always this as the bigger picture: that man does not live by bread alone (Matthew 4:4) and that it is not what goes into a man's mouth that defiles him, but what comes out of his mouth (Matthew 15:11). 

We live on the mercy of God. Our lives, temporally and eternally, are staked on Him alone.
And in that we can rest and enjoy the life we are living and the food we are making, or not, this day. 


  1. Thank you! :) Good to hear again.

  2. True! reminds me of Proverbs 21:9 too:" It's better to dwell on the corner of a housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house." Priorities- is what Hans tells me :) THANK YOU!

  3. One of my friends told me she was going over nutrition for her and her family with a doctor and he said that one of the best things you can do for your family's health is sit down and eat dinner together every night.

  4. That was meant to be a gospel comment, not law! I hope it came out that way ;-)
    Grace K

  5. Leah: Great point, thank you.
    Grace: I think you're tracking with Leah's post. (And the clarification and the ;-) helps.) .... ;-))