"Your body is the first thing any child of man ever wanted. Therefore dispose yourself to be loved, to be wanted, to be available. Be there for them with a vengeance. Be a gracious, bending woman. Incline your ear, your heart, your hands to them.... To be a Mother is to be the sacrament - the effective symbol - of place. Mothers do not make homes, they are our home." from Bed and Board, Robert Farrar Capon

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby Dear

Our Pastors encourage us mothers to take time to sit and  hold our babies, 
and gaze into their faces. Take the time to just look at them.
There is nothing more important we should be doing.
Thank you, Pastors.

"We smile at our babies and talk to them.
Mommy says this is the way our babies know
they are the most wonderful babies in the world."

from one of my favorite children's books ~ "Baby Dear"
Illustrated by the gifted artist, Eloise Wilkins


  1. One of my most favorite things....oh, how I miss those days.

    Do 13, 9 and 7 year olds still count as babies??

    They need to know they are the most wonderful 13, 9 and 7 year olds in the world.

  2. What a gift Eloise Wilkins is for us; her books express so beautifully the joy of motherhood, and family life. Although she couldn't have imagined our current culture, and the state that motherhood and family life would be in today, her art-- Baby Dear, We help Mommy,(and Daddy), Where did the Baby Go? and all of her books-- bring a sense of normalcy and goodness and virtue to this crazy, mixed-up time. Oh, and What a Gift to have Pastors who remind us of things like, "Look at your baby."

    Jenny: Hello again, and yes, they do, don't they? I guess we all get busy, and need the reminder, no matter what age our children are. Thank you--and bless you today.

  3. My very favorite thing to do. I still hold my children and just look at them. When they let me anyways!!!!

  4. One of my most favorite things to do <3 I need to look this author up, thank you for sharing.

  5. Jessica, I really like all the Eloise Wilkins books. They are old fashioned pictures and such sweet stories.