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Monday, February 13, 2012

No, really? Never heard that before.

Sounds like some "experts" are figuring it out...

I stumbled on this online article from the British newspaper "The Telegraph". Really, it was a complete accident but I thought it was very interesting that it was in a newspaper.

A 1950s mother reads to her child
Field wants school pupils to be given classes in parenting

02 Feb 2009

Parents who put their children before work will rescue British society
Parenting is vital and absolutely not something to outsource, says Gill Hornby. 

Well, at last. For every parent who has ever put family over career, this is your moment. Everybody who has ever been asked "And what do you do?" at a dinner party, who has answered "I stay at home with my children" and who has spent the rest of the evening looking at a turned shoulder – now you can gloat. 
If you have ever been told the funny story about how the toddler cried when the nanny left the room and the mother entered, and you didn't get the joke, now you know: it wasn't funny after all. The Children's Society's report into the living conditions of young people in Britain today has published some radical thoughts. 
The authors have dared to attack the prevailing "selfish and individualistic" culture of the past 20 or 30 years, which insists that both parents should work and that childcare should be outsourced. It dares to remind us that "childrearing is one of the most challenging tasks in life". 

It insists that being brought up in a single parent family is socially and emotionally damaging for children, and that they – boys and girls – need a father as well as a mother. 
... Some of us can at least take heart that one group of experts said that bringing up your own children isn't such a bad thing to do after all. 
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Duh. Good thing we didn't wait for the experts to figure this out.


  1. Yay, finally! I hope they keep writing more and more about this subject. I'm ready for this selfish culture to bite the dust already!

  2. Wow. This is a right up there with that other expert study that comes around every so often: The big revelation that men and women are different from each other. What would we do without these experts?