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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soft Scrub

It works great to get white tubs and things white again.

Here's my kitchen sink this morning with this past week's collection of scum, blackberry stain, and pot scrapes, etc:

Then I squirt some of this around the edges and over the spots:

I let it sit for a minute or two and then take a rag and spread it throughout the sink, scrubbing softly, and:

Within minutes my sink is white again.  It is a "soft scrub." It doesn't scrub off the enamel or dull the sink like a weekly scrub with a rougher agent like Comet would.


  1. The Fly Lady, who encourages even the most reluctant and overwhelmed housekeepers, says that if you take a few minutes to leave your sink sparkling at night, you get to see at least one thing in the morning that is clean. And, as a bonus, when your family members see that sparkling clean sink, they will hesitate before leaving their dirty dishes in it. (I have found this part to be true with those that have a conscience about that sort of thing.)

  2. I like Soft Scrub for my stainless steel sink also!

  3. I need to get myself some of that - THIS WEEK! I love it every time you (or anyone else, for that matter) posts these household cleaning or organizing type tips. The things that seem simple or obvious to some may be world changing break-throughs for others (like me :-)