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Thursday, December 22, 2011

From the Hearth: Cleaning Tips

Today's the day (or anytime during the next two weeks :) to link up any easy yet must-know cleaning tip.
Anything from how to use lemon juice to get the smell out of a cutting board to how to use Oxi-Clean to get out a stain.  ANYTHING!

If it's helped you it will help someone else, so please share.

If you don't have a blog or don't want to do a whole separate post for one tip, just leave your awesome cleaning tip in the comments area below.  We're all waiting to hear from you.
(Okay, we won't wait too long. ;)


  1. "Cleaning with a teapot????"

    Dacie Durkin once told me that if you get any kind of berry stain on clothing, a sure fire way to get it out is to heat up the old teapot and pour boiling water over the stain (with the garment off of the person of course ;). Keep pouring until stain disappears. It's worked for me many times!! I usually just drape the clothing over a bowl in the sink so that the water can drain all the way through garment.
    Also, I recently had one of those plastic children's picnic tables outside that I wanted to bring indoors for indoor use in our playroom during the winter. So I poured boiling water with our teapot all over it and wiped away all of the summer grime in no time!! I think it took 3 kettles of water. This sure beat scrubbing it like I had in mind.
    Moral of the story is:
    "Never underestimate the power of boiling water" :)

  2. Here's a cleaning question for y'all.
    What's the best easiest way to clean your plastic shower/bath? It's already old(ish) and off-white(ish). I really don't need the streaky look from the "no scrub" cleaners, ha ha; and I'd rather not spend lots of time scrubbing. Please tell me there's hope... Thanks, Grace K.

  3. Christal - That's a great one. I'm certain we'll be using that next blackberry season. (I wish I had known it for previous blackberry seasons. :)
    Hey, I wonder if it works on wine spills? :P

    Grace K. - I'll keep my eyes peeled for a solution for you. Maybe I'll scan through my vinegar and baking soda books for something on that when I get a chance.