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Monday, December 5, 2011

From-the-Hearth: Recipes

So here goes our first try at this.  (Explanation is in the previous post.) 
I have a feeling it will be slow going at first, or at last, or the whole time.  Oh well.  trial and error.  Sigh.   We'll start with recipes.  That seems easy enough (I think ?).

You can pick a recipe post you've already put up on your blog years ago, or post a new recipe to link to.
  I'll put the first one up just to show everyone it can be done (I mean if I can do it...).

The instructions are pretty easy.  Click on the "Click here to enter" link below.
You enter a name for your link, like  "The Best Beef Stew Ever!" or something (but this had better be some pretty good beef stew!), and then you enter the url address to that post (not to your blog, but that one post in your blog) by copying and pasting theat posts full address in to the url section and then you upload a photo (optional).
(The photo I first tried to load was too big, so, in my photo program I just went to "file", then "export" and then exported it to my desktop at the smallest size it had available and then uploaded that new photo for the link.  I know that sounds complicated, but after a few times we'll all be pros at this... which will be nice, since most of us aren't pros at anything else. :P )

If you have questions or problems you can put them below in the comments section and I'll try to answer them for everyone's benefit.

Also, if you don't have a blog, you can always link to a great recipe you know about online down in the comment section of this post. 

Well, we'll all learn as we go.  And don't be shy about putting up any recipe you think is good.  Someone family out there will be forever blessed by your "Pull-apart Cinnamon Bread."  But if you don't put it up, you have just deprived them forever of that wonderfully scrumptious family night dessert that they could have shared with smiles and warmth and laughter and hugs, and...  So put it up!!!

Plus, I'm leaving this link-up open to add recipes for the next two weeks, so if you make a good meal in that time, you can snap a few shots of it and share it with us.  And you can check back to see if anyone added anything new as well.  Thanks.  Have fun!

Share your recipe here...


  1. Well, that wasn't too hard. So I'm looking forward to more people posting good food.
    Where's Kathy????????
    - Michelle

  2. That's what a few of us have said, Michelle. Somehow I doubt she's going to add a blog to her all her other "accomplishments." :P

    I'll have to tease her about it though. You should too!

  3. I will! - Michelle