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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amazon Mom

There is always much rejoicing at our house when Amazon delivers each month's supply of diapers. The children are glad that we have so many new boxes to play with. I am glad because I have another month's worth of vocational supplies - although I'm hoping to cut back a little on diapers when I can get my three year old finally, completely, once-and-for-all potty trained. (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...)

I don't usually endorse programs or products but I LOVE the Amazon Mom "subscribe and save" program. If you've never heard about it you can check it out here. Basically you setup a reoccurring order for anything baby related (diapers, wipes, powder, shampoo, etc) and specify how often to deliver (once a month, every other month...) Amazon gives a 15%-20% discount on the supplies and ships them free of charge. I've found the prices to be better than Costco's, plus it saves a lot of space in my shopping cart for actual groceries. 

That's my "two-cents worth" for today. (or for this month. considering how often I actually post here)


  1. It sounds like a great deal and a big help. And I like your phrase, vocational supplies.

  2. That's great Mary, I like the picture. I never thought Ruth would be fully potty-trained because she was still wearing pull-ups to bed at 4 years old. However, a younger friend spent the night who wore "big girl" undies to bed and that was all it took.
    Bless you

  3. I love the picture! Potty training is a funny thing... usually every one is in their life but methods are a full variety with some having better success than others. Mine was that I was being "potty trained". I had to be available to take them which was not their choice but mine, wipe them etc and of course cloth diapers were not as cozy as todays varieties..We may of actually had an advantage in that. I also would not let them wear big boy undies , at night, until they had been dry for a month. Wasn't into cleaning that smelly mess if I didn't need to as I had enough laundry. The Lord Bless you as you are on your journey with lots of little ones. You get the wisdom daily to be their Mother and they will all use the restroom as we older ones eventually!! What a party that will be but, enjoy the journey it is fun to have such wonderfully made creations to give our lives to. Jo Martinez

  4. Yes! I use Amazon.com (and Amazon Mom) every month. Another thing I like is that if you get six or more items in one delivery, everything is 20% off. I always have 6 or more items. I get -

    paper towels
    toilet paper
    Bob's Red Mill flours
    cleaning supplies
    and whatever else I think of that I'll be needing on a continual basis.

    Thanks for posting this Mary!

  5. I love being able to get on my computer instead of load up in the car to get essentials that I need to keep this house functioning.

    Did you know? If you are a Amazon Prime member you can share your free 2 day shipping benefits with four other people? Very nice for large families ;-)

  6. Subscribe and Save is amazing! Our kids too enjoy the monthly deliveries for the big boxes to play in. We use it for diapers, pullups, wipes, rinse aid, vitamins, cat litter and applesauce packets.

    Leah - I had heard that toilet paper wasn't on par with what is in stores - have you found this to be true? (I'm guessing not since it is one of your subscriptions...)

    1. I usually get the brands I would get at a regular store, Cottonelle or Charmin.
      We get onto such great subject matter on this blog sometimes, don't we? ;)

    2. Actually, I just checked my Subscribe and Save list and we get Quilted Northern brand. I'm not sure if that lives up to anyone else's toilet paper standard out there, but it's working for us. :D