"Your body is the first thing any child of man ever wanted. Therefore dispose yourself to be loved, to be wanted, to be available. Be there for them with a vengeance. Be a gracious, bending woman. Incline your ear, your heart, your hands to them.... To be a Mother is to be the sacrament - the effective symbol - of place. Mothers do not make homes, they are our home." from Bed and Board, Robert Farrar Capon

Friday, December 20, 2013

Can we get two?

This morning Lucy, my "big girl" at 3 1/2 years old, said "maybe when we get the brand new baby in March we should get two, 'cause we don't just want only one baby." Hmmm... Although I think saying we're going to "get" a new baby slightly trivializes the part my rickety old body will be playing in this process I do see her point. Imagine how dull life will be for me in spring with only one baby, one 1 year old, one 2 year old, and one 3 year old!

Whew. I think I'll just focus on the ONE that's on the way ;-)


  1. That is hilarious! Sweet Lucy. BUSY Mama! ;-)

  2. Ha ha ha. Once in a while, one of my grand kids says grandma should get a baby. I tell them that their mommy (or daddy) and all their aunts and uncles were my babies. They clarify that they mean I should get a little baby. Seriously though, What a heritage has been given to us, that we value babies. Thank you, Lord.